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Circuit des Églantiers
tourist circuit

40 Km
Couple and friends
Road shared

Églantiers mean wild roses. There are so many along the St. Lawrence River banks. From the heart of the lovely village of Kamouraska, this option takes you on Route 132, lined with beautiful ancestral houses between the church and Cap Blanc, at the west end of the village, before going down to the river level through fields. The route then heads south towards Saint-Philippe-de-Néri and Saint-Pascal, and eventually makes its way back to the river, going through Saint-Germain and skirting around several monadnocks, rocky hills typical of the Kamouraska lowlands creating its unique scenery. Other loops are possible, including back-and-forth trips between Kamouraska and Rivière-du-Loup (78 km / 48 mi.), or between Kamouraska and La Pocatière (62 km / 38 mi.).

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