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Bicycle Tourism in Québec

Discover a wide variety of cycling tours to enjoy in the Québec region!

To make the most of your bicycle tourism excursion, we have put together all the resources you may need to plan your visit and your bike trips.

Choose the Québec region you want to visit and download the free booklet, map or guide.

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Official cycling map 2017-2018

6 different circuits that cross land and sea to make you discover the beautiful landscapes of the Bas-Saint-Laurent



Official cycling map 2018

Cycling trips from 1 to 4 days



Official cycling map 2018-2019

Over 400 km

The tops 5 cycling trails



Bike Experience guide 

A new guide that combines more than 700 km of cycling circuits for all types of cyclists. You will find detailed sections and information about the services and activities. 



Official Cycling Map Ottawa-Gatineau and the Outaouais Region 2018-2019

Over 800 km



Official cycling guide 2018-2019 *Official touristique guide included

Over 200 km

2 cycling trail

Eastern Townships

Eastern Townships

Official cycling map 2017-2019

Over 440 km

The top 6 cycling trails

Cycling in Quebec – 9th edition

Cycling in Quebec – 9th edition

Official Guide to exploring the 5300 km Route verte in 229 detailed maps with all the tourist accommodations and campsites Bienvenue cyclistes!

Order here!



Greater Montreal bikeway map

Over 750km

3 cycling trails

Bicycle tourism: essential Québec guides and maps

Want to find cycling routes and discover the different regions of Québec? Take advantage of the many guides and maps offered by Cycling Québec enthusiasts to discover all the places to visit.

Routes, trails and unmissable spots, everything you need can be found by downloading our resources!

Visit the many regions of Québec

Whether you want to visit the must-see Laurentians, the heart of Québec, rich in its history and heritage, or the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean area for whale watching, you will find helpful resources to plan your bicycle tourism in any region of Québec.

Events to discover

What better way to discover Québec than to join in the wide variety of events that give a rhythm to life in the region? Use our handy guides to find the various events worth discovering to enhance your next cycling trip.

Pleasures and discoveries will enrich every moment of your bicycle tourism journey!

Useful information and resources

You will find tons of useful information in our guides, including bike trails, information centres and picnic areas. Whether it is for a short excursion or a long stay, you will have access to all the information you need to enjoy a perfect ride!

Have questions about bicycle tourism in Québec?

Do you have any questions about bicycle tourism in Québec or about one of our guides? For more information, do not hesitate to contact one of our members, we will be happy to answer you.

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