Need a lift? Call Taxi-Vélo-Rando!

Need a lift? Call Taxi-Vélo-Rando!

Bikers and hikers in the Eastern Townships:
Need a lift? Call Taxi-Vélo-Rando!

You’ve been putting on the miles without realizing how far you’ve come and now you’re too exhausted to pedal back? Or maybe your bike has broken down? You’ve lost your way and ended up at a completely strange destination? Perhaps you had a little too much to drink at a microbrewery? Planning a very long trip where you need a taxi with a bike rack? Whatever your situation, if you’re a hiker or a cyclist, you can rely on the Taxi-Vélo-Rando service.

Everywhere – or almost everywhere! – in the Townships.
The service, which more or less covers the entire Eastern Townships, costs $45 for the first 30 kilometres then $1.75 per kilometre thereafter. The taxi can accommodate up to three cyclists and their bikes. If you’re a hiker, you might want to check if a regular taxi might be cheaper. To get a rough idea of what the trip might cost, click here.
Please note, except for groups, it isn’t necessary to make a reservation for the Taxi-Vélo-Rando service in advance.

To order a Taxi-Vélo-Rando, call 1 877 766-VELO (8356)

This article was originally published in the official blog of Tourism Eastern Townships. Planning a bike trip to this dream destination? Visit the Tourism Eastern Townships website today!

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