The Best Scenic Bike Routes in Québec this Fall

The Best Scenic Bike Routes in Québec this Fall

Fall in Québec is a magical time. Nature puts on a spectacular show with the fiery reds, yellows and oranges of the lush forests. The temperature begins its descent to create that perfect crisp autumn breeze. Harvest season is in full swing with its many sweet aromas and flavours. What better way to experience all of these fall treasures than on a bike?
Whether you’re a hardcore cyclist or a casual rider, fall is the most enjoyable time for leisurely bike rides along Québec’s country roads. Add the vivid colours of the maple and birch trees in your path, and you’ll feel like you’re pedaling through a Group of Seven painting.

But where should you bike, and when? You can start enjoying vivid autumn scenes from late September right up to the very end of the season in late October. To track the progression of Québec’s fall colours, check out QuébecOriginal’s interactive fall foliage map.
Here are some top picks for scenic fall bike routes in Québec:

MONTRÉAL: Mont Royal
Didn’t think the big city would make the list? Think again: Mont Royal is a majestic mountain in the heart of cosmopolitan Montréal. It offers the perfect fall escape for nature lovers, cycling enthusiasts, families and anyone who just wants to go on a scenic bike adventure with an urban twist. Cycle all the way up to the lookout at the top of Mount Royal for stunning views of Montréal and the countryside beyond the city limits.

MONTÉRÉGIE: Circuit des patriotes
Only a quick half-hour drive from Montréal, this 194-km leisurely route will take you through some of the most beautiful villages in Québec. Admire the numerous century-old homes dotted along the path and don’t forget to stop once and a while to sample some of the many local village flavours. Turnkey package with luggage transport is available.

EASTERN TOWNSHIPS: Grand Tour of Lake Megantic
Located on the Summit Drive, this 55-km intermediate-level route with paved shoulders boasts beautiful fall landscapes with breathtaking views of Lake Megantic. Ride through quaint villages like Piopolis, the first “Coeur Villageois” of the Eastern Townships. Rest stops are available throughout the route to take a break: enjoy a snack you picked up on your way or simply take a few minutes to stretch and appreciate the lake’s marvels.

CENTRE-DU-QUÉBEC: The Maple Routes
This 73-km intermediate-level route begins in Plessisville, Québec’s maple capital, where you can pick up some delicious energy-packed maple snacks for the ride. Along the way, you’ll alternate between lowlands and the Appalachian foothills with an abundance of rolling landscapes. Pass through the charming village of Sainte-Sophie d'Halifax, known for its spectacular views when the surrounding hills don their fall colours. Be sure to stop at Saint-Ferdinand, where you can admire Lake William while surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains.

OUTAOUAIS: Legs on Fire Trail
If you find yourself in the Outaouais and are looking for breathtaking autumn views by bike, try the 50-km Legs on Fire Trail, which connects the Luskville Fire Tower to the Champlain Lookout after a 335-meter climb. Located only 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa, this trail is part of Gatineau Park—a destination chosen by some 2.7 million visitors every year. Don’t worry—they won’t all be there at the same time as you, but you have to admit that all those visitors can’t be wrong!

LAURENTIDES: « The P'tit Train du Nord » Linear Park
This 232-km cycle path is built over an old railway line from Bois-des-Filion to Mont-Laurier and is the longest linear park in Canada. You’ll bike along several rivers and lakes, pedal through charming villages, forests and mountains, and quickly realize this is the best way to experience the natural fall beauty of the Laurentians. Many of the old train stations have ever been converted into service points for bikers.

SAGUENAY-LAC-SAINT-JEAN: Véloroute des Bleuets
This 256-km biking trail winds around the majestic Lac Saint-Jean and offers spectacular visual perspectives along the entire route. A designated path for bikes and a paved shoulder makes this easy-to-intermediate-level trail a true pleasure to conquer. While you’re at it, explore even more fall foliage in Pointe-Taillon National Park and venture along country roads to discover the area’s picturesque villages.

BAS-SAINT-LAURENT: Parc linéaire interprovincial Petit Témis
Want to be completely blown away by Québec’s fall colours? Bike along Parc Linéaire Interprovincial Petit Témis! This safe, easy and family-friendly 134-km path will have you riding along the shores of Lac Témiscouata through mountains, forests, lakes, streams and rivers. A perfect place to discover the region’s flora and fauna. Bike far enough along the path and you’ll end up in New Brunswick!

Need more help planning the perfect biking adventure this fall? You can download or order printed copies of Québec bike maps and guides for free here.

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